California Water Environmental Association -Northern Safety Day  Presentation - October 22, 2014 "Safety Tips for Pollution Control Labs" and handout

ACHMM 2009 National Conference Presentation - September 2, 2009 "Tools and Techniques to Find Hidden Risks in Your Chemical Inventory" and handout

BayBio Gene Acres 16 Presentation - September 24, 2008 "Trash Talk: Understanding the Biotech Laboratory Waste Stream and Ways to Reduce its Cost and Environmental Impact"

Northern CA CHMM Presentation - March 24, 2008 "Screening an Inventory for Department of Homeland Security Chemicals"

BAESG Presentation - January 17, 2007 " Chemical Inventory Screening : Tools of the Trade"

Hazard Solutions Electronic Communication

2014 IATA Updates
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 2, 2014

HMBP and CERS Reminder
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 16, 2013

2013 IATA Updates
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 4, 2013

2012 IATA Updates
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 4, 2012

2011 Biosafety Updates
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 10, 2011

2011 IATA DGR Updates
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 4, 2011

HMBP and Biennial Hazardous Waste Reports
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 6, 2010

Pyrophoric Safety Reminder/Tragic Death
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: February 9, 2009

2009 DOT and IATA updates
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: January 20, 2009

Identify High Hazard Chemicals at Your Facility
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: September 30, 2008

IATA Dangerous Goods Training /Focused Training For What You Ship
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: May 5, 2008

DHS Interim Final Rule: Start the Process Now
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: November 5, 2007

Are You Subject to the Department of Transportation Security Planning Requirements?
Hazard Solutions Safety Notice: June 20, 2007

SB 14 Waste Minimization Planning and Reporting/Does This Impact You?
Hazard Solutions Safety Emails: May 7, 2007

IATA Dangerous Goods Training Reminder / Important Changes in Hazardous Materials Shipping Regulations
Hazard Solutions Safety Emails: July 10, 2006

Biennial Report and HMBP Reminder
Hazard Solutions Safety Emails: January 4, 2006

IATA Dangerous Goods
Hazard Solutions Safety Emails: December 4, 2005

Onsite Treatment of Hazardous Waste, Systems of Identifying Chemicals, Bloodborne Pathogens, RCRA and Non-RCRA Hazardous Waste
Hazard Solutions Safety Note #2: June 16, 2005

Common Cal/OSHA Violations (PDF)
Hazard Solutions Safety Note #1: March 11, 2005

Recycling Organic Hazardous Wastes
Hazard Solutions InfoBrief 2: August 26, 2004

The Basics of Waste Minimization
Hazard Solutions InfoBrief 1: June 25, 2004

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