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Chemical Inventory Screen Shots

Inventory Data Entry

bulletNotice that the container is barcoded (Container code = GEN0022). 
We can provide you everything that you need to bar code your inventory, including pre-printed bar codes in a variety of sizes and bar code scanners.
bulletThe NFPA hazard symbol is populated with the values Health: 2; Flammability: 1; Reactivity: 0.
We provide you with a starter Substance table which includes valuable hazard information for thousands of chemicals.
bulletDesignate the removal date of a chemical.  This helps you keep track of disposed of chemicals -without deleting them from your inventory.  
bulletOpen available electronic MSDSs by clicking on the [M]SDS files.
bulletCommon tasks, such as adding new items, opening an MSDS, etc are available under the "Common task" bar on the left side of the window.

Substance Records

bulletProduct comes with over 8,000 unique Substance records
bulletOver 60,000 synonyms are populated for you -saving you the headache of trying to remember the "proper" chemical name. 
bulletMost substance record include physical and chemical data, such as: melting point, boiling point, flash point, molecular weight, formula, density, etc.
bulletEPCRA List of Lists populated (CERCLA reportable quantity, EHS threshold planning quantity, CAA 112r, Section 313)
bulletCalifornia Proposition 65 are included.
Meet the legal requirement in California of providing a list of Proposition 65 chemicals to your employees with a click of the button!
bulletDOT hazard(s) for most substances.
bulletFire Code hazard(s) for most substances.
bulletDEA controlled substances and precursors are included.
Quickly identify hazard hazard/liability products which need higher levels of security.
bulletCalifornia DHS precursors are included.

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